The BAC Local 8 NY Welfare Plan is a multi-employer health plan, established to provide BAC Local 3 NY Ithaca Chapter members with specified benefits through insurance such as; Medical, surgical, hospital care, dental, or vision benefits. The Trust Fund was established in September of 1960, and is maintained and administered by a joint Board of equally represented Union and Employer Trustees.

It is the intention of the Trustees to administer the Plan prudently in order to provide the maximum benefits to you and your family allowed by the collectively bargained contributions received. Your understanding of the benefits available to you is key in maximizing the success of this Plan. Please pay particular attention to the eligibility, termination of eligibility, and claims procedures sections of the Summary Plan Description. As your Trustees, we pledge to do all we can to assure that the expectations we all have for this Plan are realized.



Union Trustees: Duane Vorhis, Brian Edwards, Justin Summerfield

Employer Trustees: Brad Walters, Jay Niedzialkowski, Frank Martino Jr.