Welcome to the BAC Local 3 NY Ithaca Chapter Fringe Benefit Funds Web Page!  Our intent is for this site to be an easy to navigate, informational resource where you can reference and learn about all of the benefits available to you as a BAC Local 3 NY Ithaca Chapter Member.

As a Union Bricklayer you have access to a benefits package that is unparalleled by other employers. With every hour worked, you are earning benefits, which are funded by your collectively bargained employer.  Understanding the benefits available is crucial in making them work for you. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the three plans to which you are a participant in, by reading their respective Summary Plan Descriptions;  the BAC Local 8 NY Pension Planthe BAC Local 8 NY Welfare Plan, and the BAC Local 3 NY IARF.  Please direct any questions regarding these plans to the current Ithaca Funds Administrator, Ashley Tilebein.